A donor who donates only one of his/her blood components through the process of cell separation. This person may be either voluntary or a replacement donor. For instance, some blood banks can separate platelets and a donor might be able to donate platelets more frequently than they donate blood.

Plateletpheresis, like it sounds, is the collection of platelets by apheresis, while returning the RBCs, WBCs and component plasma. The yield is normally the equivalent of between six and ten random platelet concentrates.

Quality control demands the platelets from apheresis be equal to or greater than 3.0 x 1011 in number and have a pH of equal to or greater than 6.0 in 90% of the products tested and must be used within five days.

Single Donor Platelet (SDP)

Age 18 -65 years
Weight 55 kg and above
Hemoglobin 12.5gm/dl and above
Blood pressure Systolic : 100-150 mm of Hg
Diastolic : 60-90 mm of Hg
Pulse 60-100/minute
Platelet Count 2.0×103/ µl

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