With very earnest desire, now Yagya Charitable Blood Bank (Run by Yagya Seva Sansthan) conducts some Cancer awareness & detection camps of women and nearby considering the prime requirement. Society has decided to organise such types of programme at village level inviting women folk to make it comprehensive and thousands of women be able to enjoy the benefit.

Cancer, the most deadly disease will be an epidemic in India within 2020 as per WHO’s report. The importance of the matter is revealed by available sensational statistics, where it is stated that 2/3 of the cancer patients have been cured at primary stage before spreading it throughout their body. Now, the question is how to be protected from this danger. The best way is to create awareness about the danger. Awareness campaign should be such that mass resistance can be created in every respect of life style.

‘Prevention is better than cure.’ There are some stages—cancer prone, pre-cancer and then stages of cancer effect. House to house connection is to be done for awareness from Govt. Sector and also Non-Govt. Organization.

It has long been realised that cancers of the head and neck in both sexes and of the uterine cervix in women are the most common malignancies seen in the country through breast and lung cancers have a higher incidence in the urban registries. The age adjusted incidence rate per 100,000 for all types in India in urban areas range from 106-130 for men and 100-140 women. Fifty percent of all male cancers are tobacco related and 25% in female (total 34% of all cancers are tobacco related). There are predictions of incidence of 7 fold increase in tobacco related cancer morbidity in between 1995-2025 which is actually preventable. To control this problem the Govt. of India has launched a National Cancer Control Programme in 1975 and launched its strategies in 1984-85 stressing on primary prevention and early detection of cancer with a renewed effort from 2005 with the introduction of National Program for Prevention and of Cancer, Diabetes, CVD and Stroke (NPCDCS) with following goal

  • The primary prevention of tobacco related cancer.
  • Secondary prevention of cancer of the uterine cervix, mouth, breast, colon etc, through screening.
  • Tertiary prevention includes extension and strengthening of therapeutic services.